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Our training is designed to support educators to feel confident and excited about bringing technology into their classroom.

Bring Technology To Your Classroom

The time is now for education to catch up with our tech saturated society. Our training covers where to begin with bringing coding into the classroom, how to teach code, how to overcome challenges with teaching code, how to implement coding into curricula, how to teach experiences as well as knowledge, and becoming a mentor, not just a teacher.

We want teachers to feel comfortable being uncomfortable and incorporate new ways of thinking to enhance their classroom learning and curricula for any subject. No need for expensive equipment to begin, we will give teachers a solution that is affordable and sustainable.

"Informed and inspiring teachers help create the next generation of students who have a thorough understanding of how technology works."

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The Jr. DevLeague Educator Programs range from Introduction to Web Development to Advanced Game Development and Cyber Security.

We will dive into the challenges faced with teaching code at different grade levels and creating curricula to scale. Most importantly we will be discussing how to empower students with a "can-do" mindset so they can grow to be independent and create their own future.

Course Descriptions

ONLINE ACADEMY - Beginner Web Development for Educators

In this online course, teachers will the basic building blocks of web application development. They will combine HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create projects for their students. 

By the end of the course, teachers will have created their own web applications in the browser with all of the tools covered and have a thorough understanding of the process of web development and how to operate our introductory coding curriculum. They will also learn troubleshooting techniques, debugging, and problem-solving techniques and how to support students as they face these challenges. 

ONLINE ACADEMY - Intermediate Web Development for Educators

This intermediate course is perfect for teachers who have a foundation of teaching introductory coding classes. We will guide teachers in taking their programs to the next level. Teachers will learn how to work with open data sources, how to pull in data using APIs, and how to manipulate data in a web application. 

Teachers will also learn an introduction to how full-stack web development works. At the end of this course, teachers will be able to distinguish the difference between client-side and server-side development. We will also dive into how to build a project-based curriculum that is workforce focused.

Upcoming Courses

Beginner Web Development for Educators
Feb 5 - May 16
Tuesdays and Thursdays
6pm - 7pm

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Intermediate Web Development for Educators
Feb 5 - May 15
Mondays and Wednesdays
6pm - 7pm

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